AdMedia Partners is Merging with Leading Hollywood Marketing Firms

It was announced today that two of the entertainment industry’s leading creative marketing firms – Trailer Park and Creative Domain – would merge in a transaction backed by a financial commitment from Lake Capital. AdMedia Partners (, a New York investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions advisory services to the marketing communications, media, interactive and information services industries, represented Creative Domain. The deal marks the tenth completed acquisition transaction in the past six months for AdMedia Partners.

The official release is as follows:
Hollywood, CA December 14, 2005 – Two of the entertainment industry’s leading creative marketing firms, Trailer Park and Creative Domain, today announced that they have merged to form one of the largest providers of diverse entertainment marketing services in Hollywood. The new company, which will be known as Trailer Park, is backed by a financial commitment from Lake Capital, a private equity firm that invests in growing services companies. 

The merger brings together Trailer Park, which is widely known for its theatrical trailers and teasers for major motion picture studios, including 20th Century Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, New Line Cinema, Paramount and Universal, and Creative Domain, which shares the same clientele but focuses on brand building campaigns in home entertainment products, such as DVDs and online games. 

«We’re creating the broadest platform of creative marketing services for the entertainment industry,» explained Tim Nett, founder and CEO of Trailer Park. «Together, the capabilities of our two firms will allow us to deliver marketing services for our clients not only in theaters and on television, but also via new distribution platforms, including cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devices, and online.» 

«We have worked in conjunction with Creative Domain for many years and have admired each other’s work. Tim and I have always seen Creative Domain as one of the leading producers of brand-building campaigns for our mutual studio clients, particularly for home entertainment,» noted Benedict Coulter, president of Trailer Park. 

Added Joel Johnston, co-founder of Creative Domain, «With the window between theatrical and DVD release becoming narrower, coupled with the increasing importance of video and online games as entertainment franchises, we believe Creative Domain’s strength in home entertainment is a natural complement to Trailer Park’s established trailer business, allowing our combined companies to offer a strategic expertise to support all of the studios’ needs.» 

Headquartered in Hollywood with 300 creative and marketing professionals, Trailer Park will now be able to offer services for all of the numerous forms of entertainment its studio clients produce delivered in formats that include wireless and mobile communications, such as podcasts and streaming video. 

The company’s divisions include: 
· Theatrical offers three main products, movie trailers, teasers, and television promotions for movies. Trailer Park Theatrical provides all of its services in-house, including writing, editing, graphics, website development, and music.
· Home Entertainment provides creative services for the DVD release campaigns of movies, including DVD menu navigation design, extras, and packaging, and video game advertising. 
· TV offers creative services for network and cable television shows, made-for-TV movies, and new program launches. 
· Print creates movie, television program, and live entertainment marketing print materials, including «one sheets» used in theaters, billboards, newspaper, and magazines. 
· 1741 Films, Trailer Park’s commercial advertising production and motion graphics division, offers products in five areas: brand identity, entertainment advertising, live action, «main titles,» and television commercials. 

The newly merged company’s four senior executives – Tim Nett and Benedict Coulter of Trailer Park and Joel Johnston and Neal Spector of Creative Domain – will all continue with the company as its combined executive management team and, together, will focus on integrating each of the two original firms’ strengths. 

«With the business of entertainment marketing changing so dramatically over the last few years, this merger is a necessary part of our strategy for continued growth,» explained Neal Spector, executive vice president and creative director of Creative Domain. «It also creates freedom for us to explore additional areas of entertainment marketing such as the ever expanding world of interactive gaming, live theatre on a worldwide scale, long form content beyond DVD added value and theme parks, to name a few.» 

Lake Capital, Trailer Park’s financial partner, has an extensive history of investing in successful marketing services initiatives. «We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with two of the strongest creative marketing firms in the entertainment industry,» commented Terry Graunke, chairman of Lake Capital. «Their collective expertise and focus on innovation will be the backbone for building high-impact branding campaigns for movies, television, DVDs, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment introduced by Trailer Park’s clients.» 

About Trailer Park 
Based in Hollywood, California, Trailer Park is a full-service provider of creative marketing to clients in film, television, and home entertainment. The firm specializes in producing trailers, teasers, television spots, and print ads for major motion picture studios, along with music, graphics, title design and advertising, and editorial materials. Maintaining strong relationships with 20th Century Fox, Disney, New Line Cinema, and Paramount, Trailer Park expects to participate in approximately half of all releases from major studios during 2005. More information about Trailer Park is available at 

About Creative Domain 
Based in Hollywood, California, Creative Domain provides a full complement of marketing and creative services, including theatrical, television, radio and print campaigns, and DVD releases and video games. Honored with multiple awards for motion picture teasers, trailers, television spots, and print campaigns, Creative Domain’s diverse roster of clients includes ABC, Activision, American Express, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Buena Vista Games, Disney, Disney Live, Disney on Ice, Fox Network, Feld Entertainment, NBC, New Line Cinema, Nissan, Vivendi Universal Games, and Warner Home Video. More information about Creative Domain is available at

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