CEO of Biggest Online Portal in Israel In Big Trouble. reports that earlier this morning the police searched the offices of Walla! Communications LTD and Sportsline, two popular Israeli portals earlier this morning, on grounds that the sites had illegally advertised online casinos, prohibited under law in Israel. The investigators came with the purpose of collecting evidence of these activities.

Walla! Communications LTD and Sportsline are accused of advertising illegal gambling establishments in the banners on their sites. In Israel, any form of gambling is prohibited, except government sanctioned gambling in the form of the lottery or sports bets. Among the casinos that have allegedly been advertised on the sites are “BeTheDealer Casino”,”Stan James”, and “King Solomon’s Casino”. According to Walla, the site has no business, technological or any other affiliation with any of the aforesaid online casinos.

It all started last October, with the police’s announcement that it would crack down on illegal gambling in Israel, while concentrating mainly on the online sector. There are many online gambling firms operating today in Israel, with the media taking great interest in acquisitions and relations between them. In truth, the online gambling companies utilize a loophole in the law which prohibits companies in dealing in gambling on Israeli soil.

However, companies that are based abroad can advertise freely. On the other hand, the Justice Department’s position is that gambling and organizing games of chance and advertising them are prohibited according the section 24 of the penal code. It remains to be seen what the results of the tightening of the regulations will produce. 

Written by Theodore Rosen, Editor at

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