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There are free online poker downloads available with most of the biggest poker rooms so you don,t need to make any cash deposits before you make any decisions about which online poker room you are going to play poker on.Almost all new players seem to think that they have to make a cash deposit in order to play on a poker room but that is not the case.To download a poker rooms software like PokerStars for example it will take you less than 5 minutes and you can then play on the practice tables to see if you like their set up before making a cash deposit.So you could download 5 or 6 poker rooms in 1 night and test them all to see which one you like before depositing any cash.The free poker room download will take 5 minutes as i said and to uninstall a poker rooms software will take you even less time,maybe 2 minutes.So you have nothing to lose by trying out all the poker rooms you think may be good and deciding which is best for you after you have tested them all.


There are 3 poker rooms advertised on this website and they all offer a free poker download to anyone .You can download Full Tilt Poker for free and try their practice tables out.I,m sure you will have heard of Full Tilt Poker as it is one of the biggest and most famous of all online poker rooms and you can play on it for free as it is free to download FullTilt Poker.Right now PokerStars is the biggest online poker room so i,m sure you will have heard of them and maybe wanted to try the PokerStars software out before but you did not want to make a deposit and you don,t have to as PokerStars is free to download onto your PC.Another top 5 poker room is Party Poker and again you can download Party Poker for free onto your computer and play on the practice tables before deciding if you would like to take things a step further and make a cash deposit.


So you can download online poker rooms for free and test them out before making a commitment to the poker room.The 3 poker rooms advertised on this site are probably the 3 best in the world and they are free to download so you have nothing to lose by checking them out.

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