Sidepot Clay Poker Chips Co. To Offer Casino-Grade Custom Clay Poker Chip for Private Players

Online retailer of high-end poker chips and supplies for home games, Sidepot Clay Poker Chips Company, announced the launch of the first customizable poker chip line that uses the same high quality clay chips as those used in top Las Vegas casinos – and is also available to private players. The «Cigar & Snifter» custom chips are available in 18 color combinations with options for mixing denominations and designs.

Currently, personalizing the type of clay poker chip made by the Vegas chip manufacturers is limited to commercial orders of several hundred thousand chips or more. Private players and small businesses buying smaller quantities can customize plastic chip sets, ceramic chips or clay chips made by obsolete manufacturing processes which are not used in casinos today.

«These chips will be made for our customers between batches of chips for the finest casinos – they will literally have their own set of Vegas clay chips,» said Stephan Aarstol, founder and President of Sidepot. «For individuals and organizations who can afford it, the ability to have completely unique, authentic dual-edge spot clay poker chips is now a reality.»

In addition to the Cigar & Snifter Custom chips, Sidepot Clay Poker Chips offers four distinct poker chip lines for the home player:
• InPlay Clay Poker Chips – the world’s first pre-oiled clay chip, featuring the vintage «Cigar & Snifter» mold and a played-with surface for a more realistic casino feel;
• Modern Clay Poker Chips – a classic Vegas-style clay chip with the company’s original «Courts and Numerals» mold;
• Archetype Casino Chips – a ceramic chip with full-color design and single composite material construction that allows for significantly higher resolution graphics; and
• Neophyte Casino Chips – a mid-range poker chip available in 8 colors, chosen by All In Poker magazine for the Holiday 2005 Gift Guide.

About Sidepot Clay Poker Chips Company
Sidepot Clay Poker Chips Co. (formerly,, is an online retailer specializing in high-end, casino-quality poker chips for home poker games.

Poker aficionados can choose from four house poker chip lines or design their own custom poker chips. Sidepot also offers poker chip cases, poker tables, playing cards, and other poker accessories.

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