Spawnpoint to Promote M4G and Action Cat Movies to Gaming Community

Endavo Media and Communications, Inc.
(OTC BB: EDVO) is pleased to announce that Spawnpoint, a Phoenix Connexxion
(PHXX) owned gaming community, through an affiliate agreement with
Bidchaser, Inc., has agreed to begin promoting Endavo’s Movies4Gamer (M4G)
web portal (, along with specific movies from David
Heavener’s Action Cat Entertainment. The Spawnpoint online gaming portal
will begin promotion of M4G and specific Action Cat movies to the millions
of online gamers hosted on its web portal using PHXX’s “Ads-In-Game”
technology and other supporting advertising strategies. Endavo initially
forecasts over $3.5 million in movie sales to be generated through the M4G
portal from the Spawnpoint marketing agreement over the first 12 months,
beginning in January 2006.

The Ads-In-Game advertising platform, owned and operated by PHXX, provides
an innovative and effective solution for marketing online to the hard to
reach gaming consumer. Virtual “billboards,” promoting the M4G community
and specific movies, will be placed directly within first-person,
multiplayer online games. Based on the traditional billboard advertising
model, a player will pass by and view M4G and movie banners many times
during the course of a game session, causing the player to quickly
recognize other M4G advertisements and promotions placed on the Spawnpoint
site and elsewhere. PHXX reports that Ads-In-Game can be delivered to
audience segments as small as 20,000 and can be scaled upwards to reach
over 5 million visits per month, potentially exposing an advertisement to a
targeted audience over 350 million times per month. Spawnpoint and M4G will
use the “Ads-In-Game” advertising model in conjunction with high profile
banner and trailer advertising, along with direct promotional campaigns.

“Leveraging our Ads-In-Game technology in order to promote the
Movies4Gamers communities and specifically targeted movies, adds value to
our gaming communities,” said Shane Robinette, CTO of PHXX and Spawnpoint.
“In addition to movies, we will be working closely with Endavo to source
informative and entertaining content that would be of interest to
PHXX/Spawnpoint gamers, which can be offered on a subscription or
ad-supported basis through the Movies4Gamers portal.”

Spawnpoint will begin actively promoting membership to the Movies4Gamers
community later this month. Through the M4G portal, Endavo will offer
specifically chosen movies to new members from Action Cat Entertainment, a
David Heavener company, which target the demographics and general interests
of the gaming community. Registered members will receive DVD-quality
trailers for specific movies that are being promoted for purchase, along
with other entertaining and informative content for free. A purchased movie
will be delivered to the customer’s PC, in full-length DVD quality, within
24 hours of completed purchase and will be available for viewing by the
registered customer for an unlimited number of times over a specified
viewing period. The content will also be protected from copying or sending
to other users. Through an agreement with Action Cat announced earlier,
Endavo will provide merchant services, content delivery and content
management services through its M4G portal and will receive specified
delivery fees and a percentage of sales, after transactional and management
costs, for each delivery made.

Bidchaser, under a recently announced agreement to promote content provided
by the Endavo EcoSystem to its affiliate online communities and to provide
web community development and integration support to Endavo, will be
supporting the Movies4Gamers platform with certain content management
components, including the integration necessary to protect the Action Cat
movies with Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. Bidchaser
is also working under a joint development and marketing agreement with

“I am happy to see our relationship with Endavo and PHXX blossom into a
game plan that makes sense for each of us and creates a connection between
a gaming community and good content that is relevant to the gaming market,”
said Leo Cuhna, President of Bidchaser. “The combination of Endavo’s
delivery system and content clients, the Spawnpoint gaming community,
PHXX’s Ads-In-Game platform, and our e-commerce and integration expertise
provides the ideal formula for creating a niche D-commerce market.”

“The Movies4Gamers community and a service offering that targets a large,
concentrated group of computer savvy gamers, who have already adopted
viewing content online, is a great entry point for us to demonstrate the
capabilities of the Endavo EcoSystem and the EnHance delivery platform to
the overall broadband consumer market,” said Mario Pino, VP of Endavo’s
Entertainment and Media Group.

About Phoenix Connexxion

Phoenix Connexxion (Limited Liability Corporation) is a new
world-online-advertising leader focusing on online gaming technologies and
media marketplaces. It has developed and owns a host of online properties
that include;, a leader in online multiplayer
advertising and marketing;, a leading community with
24,000 registered members and over a million network gamers;, a new collaboration providing additional media
outlets and content for the online gaming audiences through its partnership
with Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. ( and
PEER1 ( Phoenix Connexxion was formed in 2001. Its
corporate contact details can be found at

About Action Cat Entertainment

Action Cat Entertainment is a David Heavener company. David Heavener is an
award-winning actor, director, writer, producer, and songwriter. His
career spans twenty years of directing actors such as Academy Award Winner
Martin Landau, nominees Sally Kirkland and Karen Blac, Margot Kidder, Tony
Curtis, Isaac Hayes and many others. After penning many Top Ten hit songs
in Nashville, David made his way to Tinseltown to make it in Hollywood. He
has made over thirty (30) movies, many of which air on HBO, Showtime, and
the USA Network. He also guest-starred in NBC’s “Hunter” and “Days of our
Lives.” David has also been featured in on “Entertainment Tonight” and
“Dramalogue.” David Heavener Entertainment is a company formed to provide
distribution and promotion of movies. Through Action Cat Entertainment,
David Heavener Entertainments movie library and the addition of other movie
libraries will be offered to broadband connected users worldwide. To view
the future of David Heavener Entertainment and its Action Cat Entertainment
web portal, go to and click on “Action Cat
Entertainment Demo Website” on top.

About BidChaser

Bidchaser, Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art, efficient and
entertaining trading site that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year. Bidchaser’s user-friendly website enables members to
effortlessly browse through or list items in a variety of different
entertaining formats: auction-style, fixed price, e-commerce storefront,
and through our unique and innovative “Gift Shoppe,” where buyers can
search for items based on the recipient’s interests, occupation or
personality. For more information, please visit

About Endavo

Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. provides and operates the Endavo
EcoSystem, which is comprised of integrated digital content delivery and
management systems and a global content delivery network. Endavo utilizes
the Internet and managed broadband connections to deliver entertainment and
informative programming, such as full length, DVD-quality movies, to
web-based communities and individual subscribers over PC, TV, and mobile
devices. Endavo leverages digital content and services, managed
distribution over broadband and connectivity to consumers to create digital

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