Keep busy while playing poker


If you keep yourself busy while playing poker online it can be a good thing and increase your chances of winning. If you are playing 1 table and watching every hand go by you are going to be more tempted to play hands you should not play just because you are getting bored. There are a few things I do to get around this boredom and maybe you can try them out.


You can try playing on multiple tables at the same time, that way if you have 4 tables opened at one time you are more likely to get good hands more often and fold away the hands you should not be playing. However if you are going to play multiple tables at poker I recommend that you play on 4 cash tables with 9 players on each.

The reason for this is with only 6 players the action can sometimes move to quick and if you open 4 sit n gos or 4 tournaments at some point all the blinds will be high and there will be times when there are only 5 or 6 players at a table and it can all get a bit fast and furious and leave you with no time to think about decisions. However, if you are playing on 4 cash tables with 9 players on each the blinds always stay the same and you always have 9 players on the table so you have time to think and make decisions even if you get 2 or 3 good hands at the same time.


Another thing I do while playing poker is work on my websites, it has the same effect as I’m busy writing so I fold all the muck hands and only play the good ones. As I write I’m playing in a $24 tournament with over 700 players in it and doing quite good as I’m to busy to play muck or average hands. So if you have work or study to do then it’s actually a great time to play poker.


The last thing on my list is to watch TV or a movie while you play. If your watching sport, your favourite show or a movie this will help you bin your muck hands as your so into what you are watching you won,t want to be bothered by an average hand you’ll just bin it.And this works the same with books if your a reader or even reading a poker book.

Well, hope this works out for you and hope to see you at the table soon, good luck.

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